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Sustainability Research Services


Our research covers a wide range of topics and domains, from autonomous vehicles and e-commerce to circular economy and renewable energy. We work with both public and private organisations to develop practical solutions for a digitally enhanced, more sustainable future. 


Methodology Development 

We have a vast experience in pioneering methods for the assessment of both the direct environmental effects of digitalisation as well as its often-elusive indirect effects. 


Environmental Impact Assessments 

We assess the environmental consequences of digital initiatives, helping you understand the ecological footprint of your projects. 


Sustainability Strategy Development 

Collaborate with us to devise comprehensive sustainability strategies incorporating digitalisation's benefits. 


Data-Driven Insights 

Harness the power of data analytics to uncover trends and opportunities that support environmentally responsible decision-making. 


Custom Research Projects 

We tailor research initiatives to meet your specific needs, providing unique insights that address your organisation's challenges. 


Course Development 

With a decade-long teaching experience, Vlad has developed various courses and seminars on topics ranging from smart energy, digitalisation and sustainability to rebound effects and the economics of energy and climate. 

Pop-up Art & Creative Workshops

With microart pieces, crafted from recyclable materials, Oana is able to propose Pop-up art installations and creative workshops for conferences, corporate events or environments, weaving sustainability narratives, and empowering awareness on the topics you would like to address. 


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